We all gotta go..do a job..

We all got to do a job..

I’ve been in the corporate sector for a really long time now, and even after so many years of application, aside from the work per se, I have only bad things to say about my experience..Maybe it’s because I’m in a 3rd world country..Maybe because I’m too good at my job, so there is really no need to prove myself any more; whichever way you look at it, the corporate world just doesn’t treat its female workers right.

I’ve applied to so many jobs, and at various times I’ve received various reasons for rejection. My track record shows employers just the opposite of what they want to assume. So, now, despite giving so many tests and interviews, I think that I am going to just start my own company, where only like-minded people will be appointed so that there is no politics and no high drama.

I love sitting in my room at home and editing away till midnight; I also love just spending time on the internet reading and writing, commenting and viewing, contacting and selecting, reading from great authors, or contradicting some viewpoints, gloating away on my published work, and cringing away from my own stuff that I just refuse to own anymore.

But work means a commute, which is not so bad..You get time to just breathe and take in the fresh, but highly polluted air. You get time to let the wind blow in your hair and allow the poet in you to take over.

But work, however, also means people, and a people’s person, I am certainly not. I just don’t know how and why to get along with my co-workers, my bosses, my colleagues, the peons and staff and all the janitors and waiters, waitresses and so many others. And I am religiously (actually spiritually) inclined, so I just can’t make peace with the corruption that goes on in co-ed and overtly crowded offices.

The situation is never ideal. At most times in my career, I have been teased by jealous younger men and women who are so poor in their work, but survive just because they add the entertainment value, nay, even the comic relief in heavily laden and highly charged situations.

I want to work where I am liked, but most places I am hated because I don’t join in the corruption, and because I mostly overshine over my stupid and invisible colleagues; sometimes they do so badly that they actually appear to be LGBTQ, and that is really not so funny after all.

I have no idea what to do with constant attention from someone like Purvi Shah. With her it’s never about work; it’s always about survival and competition, about evil and lust, love and loss, with her being always on the loser’s side. Men like Janesh and Jagdish keep making her an issue..She’s never able to articulate what her problem is, but she always needs collective support to win any battle, and she’s never alone, and when she’s alone, she’s only having sex, regardless of with whom and what, why and how. She’s the most celebrated Playboy Bunny in real life, and it can get really pathetic dealing with the clusters of manic depressive and other psycho and sidey people she’s constantly hobnobbing with. Where is the work in all this? No, in offices in Bombay, there’s just so much that most people end up doing.

I don’t know how, after a while, after you’ve become CEO or AVP, can you keep smiling at romantic rejects, who are just waiting to decapitate you? People just huff and puff, talk and cry, and that’s it, their battle is over. Nobody mentions work; that’s only for nerds like me to handle. So, now, when I go for interviews, I always talk about who is going to be in my team, and I never return happy. CEO bosses above you always want to make sure that you partner with people you hate. I have no value for Purvi Shah, but they will always make it a point for me to work with her, and so many other losers like her, like Sonal Katira, or Divya Warrier. These girls maybe the boss’ s pets, but to me they are just pieces of furniture with no intrinsic value because I know that all their battles will be over before they begin, and because they are helpless women, men will let them get away with doing virtually nothing the whole day, every day, every month, every year, and now, over 20 years..

So, now I know, and you know, that work isn’t just about words and emotions, writing and editing..It’s about how clever you are; it’s about how you can walk over everybody who is just waiting for you to suffer that next nervous breakdown, and it’s certainly not about enjoying your next promotion or party.

They say that when you apply for a job, you must research the company, and that’s what I am going to do, because I am sick of tired of being manipulated and played, and you know what, I will most certainly get rid of you. ..





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Is capitalism making us sick?

Why capitalism is the sickest, making us all sick..

More and more people are chickening out of a whole lifetime of doing work because, believe it or not, but most officegoers are really doing nothing, getting promoted for nothing, and just sleeping around while they network and climb their way to the top.

Many companies are now mulling a 4 day work week, and more and more workers are retiring at 40, but what is it that makes capitalism so attractive artificially, and so ugly in real?

There are reports that large MNCs are dividing their companies into smaller units with many CEOs handling a large organization, instead of just 1 CEO handling the entire company..

Take my case..I was a full time writer and editor with many companies, but I shifted onto a freelancing career because I was just too tired all the time. I think I may have done real work, but nowadays there are so many engineers and MBAs who do nothing, but just because they are from IVY schools, they make their way up easily; so easily that it looks like a mean horror flick where every clock strikes at different times and there is really no reality left to feel.

It’s a shame that so many people are left out of the race..If you read about failure stories, you will choke to death..Beneath all the guts and glory lies a face that is barely there..I was in a company where there was a person who had no nose, eroded ears and a hole for a mouth, and yet, psychopathic managers just keep pushing the button..Only numbers, currency and more and more objects count, nothing else matters.

Just turn your eyes towards the poverty laden areas of not only India, but the whole world. It’s such an ugly picture. Human greed and evil machinations of the highest kinds are turning their own worlds into plastic, unnatural and evil places, where the richest exploit the poorest, and everyone runs to be rich but by the time they are rich, their whole life has passed them by.

Failure mounts to so much pain that such people are just scattered about in society, and they pile on to anybody for a earsome or at least some support, but everyone shuns them. The Sea Link in Mumbai, connecting Bandra to Worli, is a place for all suicidals to meet and greet and then take the final plunge.

It’s really not funny, but it’s so evil that it turns out to appear perverted and funny.

And everybody knows about the environmental damage carried out by extreme mechanization.



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Shitpots living in shitholes..

He Did It

By Nanki Singh

Although this is not a book meant for the masses, and it can never be a local, national or international bestseller, it’s a reviewer’s duty to inform readers about what they might gather wrongly from the book..

This book is so bad, it will not even be seen with ‘pastiwallahs’ over the next few years. First of all the title of the book is pathetic..How can you write about your own guru in such a cheap and degrading manner?

Then, the pun on the verb ‘did’ just brings to attention the vulgar double innuendo, and only a very lowly person, maybe even a prostitute, could address a greatly revered persona in this abysmally lowly manner.

Instead of writing a coffee table book, the writer could have just compiled an album of photographs, something she is more comfortable with.

It’s my good fortune that I don’t know the girl personally, but she is not very popular in Chinmaya Mission, where she talks to everyone as if she’s in love with them. Alright, you may say that one ought to show passion, but misplaced passion just reeks of impropriety, and especially in this case, when it’s quite clear that the passion she shares is not for the mystic that the guru symbolizes, but for the man that he was, even of the age of her granddad.

The language of the book is also so petty that even a kindergarten student can write and create better color combinations and patterns in the book. The sentences are so short that they betray her inability to think and create in anything other than four letter words, pun intended.

I think I could continue to break all her bfs’ hearts, but I have better things to focus on now..

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Why I am a Hindu…

Review of Why I am a Hindu

Author: Shashi Tharoor

This book is really useful for people all over the world who want to know everything about Hinduism, and that includes Indians and Hindus themselves.

There is a certain juxtapositioning of facts about the history and details of Hindu scripture throughout the book. The author takes a detailed and longish look at his own identity and decides that the religion he was born into is the religion he wants to see himself in even after 60 years of his life. Naturally, his family and parents played a large role in him believing so, but it’s really gratifying to know that he underwent a lot of study himself to arrive at the conclusions that he has come up with in his text.

He upholds various facets of his religion and also denounces even more facts, in the attempt to ascertain his Hindu identity. The book also has hidden confessions about the author who very subtly writes that he is from a lower caste Nair family, and he also breaks many a heart in his declaration that he was unable to make it to the Secretary General’s post in the UN, where he spent the major part of his life.

We get to know several personal secrets about this author who has done India proud in so many ways. He has an Ishta Devata, namely, Ganpati; he also has many idols of Ganesh all over his house in Tiruvananthapuram together with a huge alcove that boasts of several images and illustrations of nearly every god present in the Hindu pantheon.

He loves and respects his parents, just as he loves and respects all the various facts and data about his favourite religion.  He is also not a person that practices caste, and he insists that caste came into Hinduism as a means to evolve into a relevant and responsible religion that has all the respect it can garner for other theories and religions spread over not only the whole world but also within India itself.

This book is a must read for every citizen of the world, and especially every Hindu and every Indian national. The author is justified in promoting Hinduism, but he also slices up the opposition who want to make religious identity into public policy and polity.

After reading this book, you might want to ask yourself ‘Why am I a Hindu’, and you will likely find all the answers here. It is an encyclopedia of Hindu factoids put together with his comprehensive opinion on each and every aspect of Hindu life; you can’t leave the book untouched, but you can soak up all the awareness that this giant of a book has mustered about being a modern day Hin

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Why does Jagdish Moorjani suck so much?


This guy’s really a pain in the neck for the girls he’s taken to, but none of them ever take to him back. What is the message all his long drawn out ramblings have for his poor victims? Nothing actually, except that the starved predator is always on the lookout for someone or something naïve to dig his venomous fangs into. Why does he appear to be so starved? Is he a victim of his family, or is he a victim of his own chaotic mind?

This poor insane chap has no idea what to do with the unsuspecting sitting ducks who he has to feed onto so that he can maintain a lifestyle fit for kings.

In fact, a lot of his schoolmates are like that..They just take all the trouble to chase and stalk a woman they like, and when she denies giving the same love back, she’s chopped into a million pieces, beginning with her heart.

Everybody knows the laws of economics that one can’t make a lot of money unless he is sucking his poor victims dry.

As such, should this gang be busted, or should they be left alone to realize themselves how bad they are for any person, country, society or even the world, and even for themselves?

I have dealt with this person, ever so virtually, but am really sickened by his spontaneous evil and his never ending quest with the opposite sex.

If you find this fight worth supporting, then you can sign the petition that I have created on Local Circles to bring awareness to society itself on how the Moorjani brothers are no different from the Koch brothers, who are the most hated family in the US…

Support me and my cause to end misogyny and the systematic removal of women from their habitats, their offices, their families, and lastly, from the planet..




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abstinence n purity


Why abstinence is great for everyone, and more so the environment

I have been born into a highly religious family on the maternal side, and after my parents split, I was influenced by my maternal granny and grandpa a lot. And 20 years later, as I was sitting in meditation at the Ram Temple in Sidhbari, I actually had a glimpse of what is known as enlightenment, if only for 3 hours.

My mind was quiet. My face had turned upwards toward the sky, and mosquitoes had bitten me all over my feet, but I hadn’t felt anything, and for over 3 hours I had sat in that position, and no matter how hard I try to replicate that experience, it has evaded me, but I would give anything to go beyond time and remain in that state as a permanent feature in my life. This is what every practitioner of Hinduism vies for and preaches.

I can do this, and yet renunciation applies very little to what I want to achieve in life. Preaching, passionately, the features of a morbid and desire free life holds little value, but it is the chilling truth for mere mortals to enter into higher planes of consciousness.

It is absolutely true that if you persist, you can actually gain control over your breath, which means that you can control your pranas and live a life full of self control as opposed to self indulgence, or even self mortification, the simple reason being that what lies within you is the Self itself, so why hurt your truest friend, also your closest identity? This eventually leads to self perfection in virtually all aspects of your life; be it the physical, the mental, the intellectual or even the spiritual. Spirituality is not for the faint hearted, and even thought you may hallucinate about other worldly things and beings, it has got nothing to do with esoteric practices like tantra or very advanced hatha yoga.

So, it’s a proven fact that if you gain control of your health, you can get your body to heal and reach the highest plane of existence, something that the universe is transpiring to achieve for almost all of us.

It is also absolutely true that the rishis of yore could live to 200 years, and I would like to put everything away if I could achieve that too.

With the control of the senses the control of the body is the next best thing, and why wouldn’t anyone desire to achieve this state? If you have lived a fairly pure life, then even one stray thought can cause that lump in your throat, or that epileptic fit, or worse, a collapsed heartbeat; so, as the sages of yore have pointed out, watch your mind, train your thoughts, and the rest, that is, the magic of salvation will be yours.

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A green NEW year’s EVE!!

New Year Diary: 31st December, 2011


I had a great New Year at Goregaon’s Filmcity park, actually, more of a forest. It was with the BNHS, at the BNHS conservatory inside Filmcity’s premises. Luckily, after reaching late to be able to stay awake till12 am, I really enjoyed my evening with families. Fortunately, for me, 4 other single girls were also part of the event. The crowd was decent, cultured, middle class, and reserved. How I wanted to break from the usual drink, dance, and dine routine!

Although I was late for the nature trail of about 1 km, I made it in time for the bird quiz, the treasure hunt, the space observatory from Nehru Planetarium, and then finally dinner, and cake cutting.

In the treasure hunt, I was unable to take active part as I grew tired of coordinating with the other group members who didn’t exhibit too much intelligence. Also, there was too much walking around, and pacing, so after 15 mins of an introduction, I just started taking pics, and relaxed for the rest of the group members to finish. After working so hard, you want to relax and enjoy, not duel away a pleasant evening!

So, the treasure hunt was over, and the winners were declared, but people didn’t even care. Our compere was good, but was overdoing the instruction that lead to people just looking through her.


The best part of the evening was the space talk from a member of the Nehru Planetarium. As the lecture with slides rambled on, no one seemed interested in the talk; it was turning out to be a monologue. So, I decided to up the ante a bit, and started asking relevant questions, following which the other interested kids started exhibiting some interest and IQ. After asking a lot of interesting questions on the Solar System and planets, we got to actually look through the telescope, but since there was just one amidst 50 odd people, I left it for the others to finish their chance.

We were just in time for dinner with starters like Veg Wanton Soup with friend noodles. The other Veg starters were Paneer in a brown spicy sauce with capsicum and onion. I loved that hors d oeuvre. For dinner, there was paneer tikka, which is usually solid, but this time it was a semi liquid, saucy dish. The daal was brown, just the right heat and salt, and they also had rotis and dosas, but since I thought the dosas were not cooked right, I skipped them. There were pineapple and watermelon juices, followed by dessert of a black forest cake, and more dessert of ice cream. The cake cutting was followed by a green resolution writing ceremony, after which we were asked to either board the bus and leave for home, or spend the night at the conservatory. Although I was equipped to stay back, I didn’t want to walk all the way to the next bus stand for an auto in the morning, so I departed in the bus till Dindoshi. From there I hauled up a cab till town, and luckily made it in just an hour, the clock read1:45 am. The streets were all lit up, and it appeared to be safe. Once I was near Crawford Market, the rowdies started showing up, especially nearMohammed Ali Roadand the back side of Crawford.

Fortunately for me, they were not interested in my cab, so I made my way safely through to right under my building. This time there was no orgy of dogs feeding on raw meat too.

So, I had a different NY with the BNHS, but sadly, even this time, I couldn’t just make any friends, for whatever reason; I think the best being that people are too closeted in India, and the two twin sisters I spoke to were really not interested in a full time friendship after the event. But even then, I had nothing to lose, and made such a fun evening in just 1555 rupees, travel and food included.


This was my first visit to Filmcity. I had heard of and even been to Aarey Milk Colony, but Filmcity was my first. Thankfully, due to the sets built all over, the animals didn’t really come out in the open. The only problem that really took my peace was the inability to find an autorickshaw from Goregoan E station, and then after having found one, the driver’s insistence not to be able to drive till the venue due to the darkness and wildlife scare. So, finally, on the driver’s advice, I landed up in a jeep with the security officers there, thankfully only one, and reached the venue in one piece, of mind and body!

Not only did I have a fun evening outdoors in fresh air, with no blaring music, smoke, and stupid, raunchy numbers, but I also discovered Filmcity, and resolved to only write E books. There were so many other aspects to green energy resolutions like dry and wet garbage separation, planting of trees and plants, and also turning office spaces green with lesser tech and ewaste, writing on both sides of paper, recycling etc. I didn’t approve of my compere’s advice to just throw peals and skins of veggies and fruits into potted plants; this would be akin to turning your garden into a smelly garbage dump with more and more mosquitoes swarming in at night. Going green and dying of malaria is not my idea of wisdom, folks.

Also, my advent into Goregaon saw me marvel at all the architectural delights there. Goregaon is really turning into a migrant hub, with so many SOBO people also having shifted there. The buildings I was witness to were solid, good looking, and with great design and features. I could just as well have stepped out on the road to take in the life there, but here too, there were too many people crowding the roads.


So, a great evening, and the fact that I contributed to the 40 odd K BNHS made in one evening for their conservation work, really gave me a good night’s sleep with a great, clean conscience.

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Why toppers stink…

Why befriending toppers is really a bad idea…

I have been stalked by men and women alike, but the cake of the most useless men and women goes to the Moorjani brothers and Purvi Shah for hopping onto my bandwagon just so that they can gather the most advantages they can..

As is very evident from the vibes felt all over the world of impending doom because capitalism has failed on every count, the negative flavor refuses to stop leaving a bad taste in your mouth..

As a workaholic who has very strictly given up on loose men, I need to reflect on how badly that has gone down with me..This capitalistic society is only about sex and money, poverty and failure, and all those who are doing well have really paid a very heavy price for reaching the top, very often by trampling on other people and their dashed dreams..These same people who are most vocal in criticizing others are themselves nothing but refined, and in most cases not that refined, too, porn stars..

I will take names in this essay because these highly criminal and insensitive people were involved in a lot of ways with my promotions and job applications..

Purvi, Jagdish, Janesh, Chetna and Vishal are just very flashy, brainless and over the top porn stars who owe their success to all that is evil and opportunistic in society today..As a practitioner of religion, I can safely say that these are the scum of society, always playing politics, always ready to pounce on anybody who is weak and alone, and always ready for one more day of shameless free sex..

I don’t know how many times I have refused to join in their games of free sex and brainless politics, the denial of which has landed me nowhere in my career..

The best person, who has piled onto me, but who I consider a real achiever, is Amit Bhatia, as positively clever and accomplished as they come..

Amit has worked his way up without any sense of entitlement, and although he unfortunately has been clubbed with the loser maneater Purvi Shah, he remains to be thankfully detached from the ball of evil that Purvi has turned out to be, mostly for all those whom she stalks and takes down out of their rejection for her..

The most irritating and glaring defect that all these people have is that they are totally bereft of any skill of language..They can’t write, speak or talk in English, and they are proving to be just maids and janitors in most rich and happening households in India, often accused of repeatedly rejecting these desperate people’s sexual and romantic innuendoes.

Although I am definitely satiated and full of my life experiences, I can attribute my inability to break the glass ceiling all to these dumb assholes who take on the responsibility of being bosses to all those who spit, nay, those who shit on them..

I can go on and on trying to dissect what exactly is going wrong with my career in the hands of these evil cheapskates, but I too am totally pukey about this whole gang of looters and plunderers; I call them that because that’s what their real roots may be..Looters and plunderers, and now, instead of a battle field, it is the corporate world..

I will end this right here, and if you sincerely want to belong to my list of winners, then change..Change from being jealous, inferior, petty, politicking, ridiculous, and while you try to do all this, remember, that this world belongs to the literate liberals, and not to illiterate dumbos..



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Gawd, help them..


Why we can’t work with entitlement Muslims like the Moorjani brothers and their concubines Chetna Gulab and Purvi Shah…

I have been harassed since time immemorial by these so called leaders of society, who don’t cease to rape, kill, murder and enact their basic mental retardation and psychosis actions for the ignorant masses.

The problem with a diabolic matronly figure like Chetna Gulab is that no matter how hard she tries, her hatred for Hindus and their advancement, seem like a thorn in her flesh, as she tries year upon year to prove how good and indispensable she is, by crushing all liberal Hindus, to the total chagrin of others who are in competition with her.

She doesn’t cease to crush Hindus under her weight, all the time living at their mercy, in their homes, eating their food and generally spreading the insane actions of war and identity theft, as she forces herself to blend into a foreign ideology, way more advanced than anything she has ever encountered.

The basic game of these people is flawed..They want to enter enemy territory, loot and plunder, fix their flag on someone else’s territory and retreat full of awards and drama.

These people are so sure that they won’t be respected in any place, that they start their first action with a resolute kick in anyone’s face who is in their path..Next, they will smile sweetly and hide their eunuch like tendencies, and literally reduce you to a cartoon of yourself, just because it’s not in their nature to live amicably with people of different ideologies..

Muslims, no matter how liberal they appear, ARE NOT ANY GOOD for democracy..For centuries they have been bashed up and mutilated, isolated and throttled; so even in the families they come from, there is a faint disregard for living in peace, and Muslim men are so attracted to military training, killing, savage living conditions and utter chaos, that to appear manly they have to beat up their wives, impregnate them with dozens of eggs, and live life like illiterate morons that have no social standing, no literate understanding of society and culture, and these same people will take advantage of any kindness shown to them with more hatred and more violence..

As such the US has thrown Chetna Gulab and her ideology out, because she appears to live there in a totally separate avatar. What will god do to flimsy pedestrians like these?? Will they be born as dogs and bitches, smelling up every ass and filling up every hole? As of now, let’s just pray that their evil actions and intentions are turned to nought as they spend their days in captive anarchy..As far as I know, you can’t touch this and Hinduism, and may god relieve your tragic lives by awarding you a splendid death; a death at the hands of none other than a Hindu…





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The poison that snakes like Chetna Gulab spew

This bitch or rather bastard has been the anti thesis of anything divine, good or auspicious in all our lives, and she also got the worst type of Paki-styled men interested in pucca Hindu, fasting and feasting women and girls.

I have hated Chetna Gulab for everything she stood for..Way back in 1995, she supported a poor, crestfallen and orphaned girl so hard that everyone else was ignored their rights..In fact, it’s stupid people like her who turn rich people poor and poor people rich just because they can’t stand anyone better than them..

Her crushing cruelty knows no end..U wonder what makes a woman like that hate like that, and it almost comes as a surprise that her gender may be the most mortifiying factor for all the rest of us..I haven’t seen any man or woman as bad as this person, and it has left me in a deep state of shock; so great is her prowess at mutilating and killing people she is jealous of..

Needless to say, she does all this for the Moorjani brothers because she’s their keep, and the whole world knows and acknowledges this triad, so much so that hardliner Muslims do all they can to keep other tyrannical dictators like the Moorjani brothers in check..

Despite her degree in Commerce, she knows nothing, absolutely nothing about good taste, good food, healthy food and all other ‘good’ things, because despite living in the richest country that all MF Indians aspire to reach to because their personal hells in India are uninhabitable, and mostly, they are familial rejects, made to look good even in roles of clerks and peons..

They have made America a living hell, and luckily their prowess in India is under a lot of test, but they do manage to pull along a victory every now and then..

She’s so obviously a sex slave because she doesn’t question anything that the bastard Moorjanis put us all through. She doesn’t understand or follow anything Indian, and she is just a refined slave, an asslicker and go between of all their evil deeds..

If the whole world hates Capitalism, it’s because of these bastards..If the whole world hates women, it’s because of these bastards, and if the whole world is jealous of India’s progress, it’s because of this evil triad of 666es..

Chetan Gulab must go, or the world and civilization as we know it, will end…






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